Miles Brand Hi-lifts Are Indispensable In Aviation, Ensuring Safe And Efficient Access For Maintenance And Ground Operations. Their Quality And Reliability Make Them A Top Choice For Aircraft Safety And Performance

Catering & Cabin Cleaning Truck

The highly acclaimed Miles 5011 Catering Trucks are in daily use at international airports worldwide for the efficient transportation of catering equipment and food supplies. Miles GSE designs, manufactures and supplies high quality aircraft catering trucks to Airlines and Ground Handling Companies all around the world to meet the high standards of the aviation catering industry and customer’s own specific requirements.

Miles Catering Trucks are assembled on a truck mounted chassis with lifting van body and fully insulated GRP panels. The stainless steel and aluminum material variants used inside and outside the cabin ensure that the system is compatible with any working environment and runs smoothly. High quality hydraulic and electronical system components are offered to the customer to maintain the system reliability and efficiency at the highest level. All the movements of the system are controlled by limit sensors and automation ensuring safe and uninterrupted operation of the system.

Unlike other aircraft catering lift manufacturers, Miles GSE has increased the service and logistics capability of such vehicles by installing an optional hydraulic tail lift on the back of the catering truck and has brought a new dimension to aircraft supply services at airports with limited opportunities.

In wanting to help our customers achieve uninterrupted operational excellence, Miles GSE has designed & manufactured high quality aircraft catering trucks which not only lessens the need for journeys between aircraft and kitchen, it significantly lowers maintenance costs and increase product life cycles through the use of high-tech durable components.

Catering Truck (Miles 5011)
Chassis: Standard commercial chassis (MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, Volvo, etc)
Capacity: 1000 kg - 5000 kg
Platform: Full width, half width, transverse
Scissor Mechanism: Miles scissors system with four hydraulic chassis stabilizers.
Van Body: Insulated G.R.P panels from 50mm - 100mm
Electric System: 24V relay or PLC computer
Typical Options: Tail-Lift
Gas powered
Automatic gearbox
Additional Options: Available upon request
Type: Full Size Cab
Sill Height: 2700 mm - 5900 mm
Capacity: 1000 kg - 5000 kg
Type: Half Size Cab
Sill Height:: 1400 mm - 5900 mm
Capacity: 1000 kg - 5000 kg
Type: Low Size Cab
Sill Height: 2200 mm - 5900 mm
Capacity: 1000 kg - 5000 kg

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