Maintenance Unit

Aviation Maintenance Is Critical For Safety And Efficiency, And Miles Products, Renowned For Their Reliability, Contribute Significantly To This

Manual Maintenance Lift

Miles GSE supplies a great variety of Manual Aircraft Maintenance Lifts to Airlines, Ground Handling Companies and Airports all around the world for the fastest completion of aircraft maintenance in a hangar or an apron. This towable compact product has a maximum carrying capacity of 4 people and designed for the easiest maintenance of aircraft wings, fuselage and engines. Miles GSE manufactures high quality towable maintenance lifts capable of providing maintenance personnel access to a wide range of aircraft.

Manual M.P.L. (Miles 6031)
Chassis: Self Propelled
Scissor Mechanism: Miles scissors system with four hydraulic chassis stabilizers.
Platform Size: 1.5m x 6m (other sizes upon request)
Platform Payload: 600kg (other payload upon request)
Max. Working Height: 3.3m (floor height) (other height upon request)
Typical Options: Rotating beacon
Safety guard rails
Additional Options: Available upon request

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